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New Nepenthes sibuyanensis

Hey guys,

I don't buy new plants often, since space for me is pretty limited, but I did just order a N. sibuyanensis. It's one I've wanted for a while now, and I was very excited when it showed up! To be honest, though, I'm a bit disappointed in the condition it came in. I'm sure I can bring it back and it'll be happy (it has a large, healthy root stock), but I'm a little surprised they shipped a plant in this condition out. What do you think? I don't think I'll buy from them again...

How it came (unpacked)

Growing tip

After a quick repot, soaking up some super-thrive water

I know these guys like to bury their tendrils to pitcher well, but I'll take care of that when it looks a little less like death.

Thanks for looking,
Wow that is pretty sickly :0.o: hopefully it will recover
Looks like that thing needs to be quarantined. Keep an eye out for pests..
Looks like that thing needs to be quarantined. Keep an eye out for pests..

Would you suggest a neem-oil spray then? For the "notorious" nurseries I spray without question, but I didn't think I'd have to for this place...
Hmm did you order from a nursery? Maybe you could get an exchange.
If it weren't for mites being the potential problem, I'd say use imidacloprid. Other than that, yeah, neem is pretty effective all around, just keep it out of high light for a bit if you use it.
im surprised they would send a plant out like that as well....

that being said, it can recover. you can let that growth point continue, or you can cut it off and encourage basal formation (you did say that it had a healthy root stock). like others said, keep an eye out for pests, and i would also suggest that you bag the plant, and slowly acclimate it to your conditions.
Wow looks pretty bad! I'd just demand a rebate or decent replacement plant. Send 'em a link to your post here.
I recognize the tag... don't order from them again they do it more for the money than anyone else... greenhouses jam-packed with Nepenthes with some highland and some lowland... I feel very sorry for their jambans poor things!!
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Oh no, you bought from that place. Never buy there again. I've had very few of their plants survive. Never again. And the few I do have alive are still sick and I'm doing my best to keep them from dying. I hate how they do this to people.
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Hello everyone, I thought I might post a wee update on this guy. It's made a surprisingly advanced recovery, considering how much time has gone by since I got it.

For those interested, I potted it up into a typical highlander mix (1:1:1 perlite : LFS : orchid bark), watered it with Superthrive once a week, thoroughly sprayed it with Neem oil when I first got it, and it has been in a totally open-topped bag (so it's just "walls"). I also mist frequently every day.

Of my indoor Nepenthes, it is the furthest from the lights (I can go into more detail with that if anyone asks for it), since I read that they prefer "lower" amounts of light.

Anyway, here we are:

2.5 weeks after I got it


Tonight, so, just after four weeks or so:

And if you look a few nodes down, you can see the very beginnings of a new apical meristem, which was very unexpected!

Let me know what you think,
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Great job! It bites when they show up looking cruddy but it's so satisfying when you get them to grow again :grin:
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soooo how do we find out which nurser you ordered from to avoid them?