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Well i have put some thought in to this an was wanting to trade a few neps for a number of Utric's . I am Looking for

  • Terrestrial
  • U. subulata
  • U. graminifolia
  • U. Tricolor
  • U. praelonga
  • U. prehensilis
  • U. dichotoma
  • U. alpina
  • U. blanchetii
  • U. Cornuta
  • U. Resupinata
  • U. Pubescens
  • U. Arenaria
  • U. Multifida
  • U. bisquamata
  • U. calycifida
  • U. gibba
  • U. longiflora
  • U. sandersonii

  • U. Reniformis
  • U. Quechii
  • U. Asplundii
  • U. Jamesoniana
  • U. Campbelliana
  • U. Humboldtii (I can Dream cant I?)

Not That I will ever see all These But what the Hell Its a Shot .
Please Pm me with what your willing to Trade an i will let you Know the Neps I have to Trade as well .

I used to have U. humboldtii. I rotted the roots, then cooked it. Back then, I had no idea that there were Utrics that liked it like orchids or Nepenthes do, and hated soggy soil.
not my clones =] they like it wet and soggy.

Trade? *puppy dog eyes*

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CN, PM'd.