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Nepenthes Paintings

Here is the first completed painting of what will be a collection of Nepenthes paintings! This was painted by my mother, and it is of Nepenthes platychila. It was painted from a photograph taken by Ch'ien C. Lee, who graciously granted permission to create the painting. Thanks again!
N. platychila.jpg
I will post pictures of the other paintings when they are finished. Enjoy!
Wow! That looks amazing, props to your mom. :cool:
really impressed ,look forward to seeing more:bigthumpup:
Nice work looking forward to the next ones! :)
looks amazing! Your mom has got some awesome talent, does she do this for a living?
well done!
Thank you for all the replies :) My mother doesn't do it professionally, she works in a platinum mine. She has had a painting published in a history book though. The next one should be finished in a few days.
Oh wow, that looks great!!
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Love it! I can't wait to see more!
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That is gorgeous!
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Wow that is beautiful! What are the dimensions?
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Here is the second painting in the series, Nepenthes robcantleyi. I would once again like to thank Rob Cantley for granting us permission to create the painting.

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That is better than most official botanical illustrations I've seen.

Incredible :clap:
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That's beautiful!
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Another excellent work! :)
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The last one for now.

Here is the last painting in the series, Nepenthes jacquelineae. I'd like to thank Stewart McPherson for granting permission of the production of this painting based off of one of his photographs. This one started out as my least favorite, but is now my hands down favorite. My mother did a really good job of capturing the 3-dimensional aspects of it. Trust me when I say, this photo does not do it justice.
And here are all three hanging in their proper places (yes, the one on the right was a little crooked). Thanks Mom! These were amazing birthday presents!
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Those are fantastic! I'm a bit of an artist too, but there's no way any of my sketches compare to that....
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Kudos to your mother!