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Nepenthes hybrid seed giveaway

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I have an excess of seed from a cross I made last winter (and harvested a few days ago), so I am giving away two packets of seed.

The cross is N. maxima (ID is vague...was sold to me as maxima but may be a hybrid) X [(lowii X veitchii) X boschiana]

Photos of the parents, female first:


How to qualify -- you must offer the forum something free in return, IE: "pay-it-forward" (you can ask for reimbursement of shipping costs incurred, though if its just seeds that can be sent in a regular envelope, I encourage you to offer it gratis)
Secondly, you must be a contributor to the forum discussions on a somewhat regular basis. In other words, if your participation in the forum is limited to just signing up for free stuff, then you do not qualify for this giveaway.
And last, if you have received anything from me in any of my giveaways in the last 3 months, then do not request these seeds, please.

Two lots -- sign up for 'em.
Not open for further replies.