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Nepenthes clipeata Clone 3 AW Pollen

Hey everyone,

I'm much more of a lurker on this forum but thought that this would be worth posting.

My male N. clipeata is coming into flower and was really hoping to find a female to produce species seed. I would love to send pollen to anyone that owns a female whether it is in flower or not and hope that the pollen stays viable enough until the female flowers.

So far my one lead is a female plant at a Japanese Botanical Gardens, several people have mentioned this to me but I have yet to get a hold of them.

Failing that if anyone has a female coming into flower I could send pollen to make a cross. Also have loads of N. platychila pollen if you have a female in flower.




Any leads would be appreciated! Feel free to PM me here or email canadiancarnivorousplants (At) gmail.com