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Welcome To Leon County, Texas. Home to all five species of carnivorous plants known to exist in Texas.

 It is in this land, full of its many aquifers, 5 known bogs exist. Cripple Fawn bog being among them. This quaint bog paradise it tucked safely away on private property. Only one who possesses knowledge of its location would have any luck finding it on purpose, and then only armed with a GPS unit

As large native trees give way to a downward draining seep we find stands of Sarricenia alata, commingled with Drosera capalliris, Drosera brevifolia, Utricularia cornuta, and Utricularia subulata. Also on the property is Utricularia gibba, as you can find few ponds or lakes in Texas without.

 It is aquifers that supply this, as some would call it, two tier seep/bog system. Constantly running water trickles from the top of a large embankment, down a moderately sloping decline. It finds a gathering point before it is carried, via a small stream, to one of the near by lakes.

   Spring was in full swing as I breached the tree line, with my contact Michael Pagalautos, to see the awe inspiring sight of pale flowers embossed over a deep green sea of S. alatas. I could spend the next year studying a few of the stands I noticed with unusual attributes. Some of the tallest S. alatas I have ever seen exist here. As well as a stand of large mouths that would rival the largest openings of any Sarricenia I’ve seen in cultivation.


  There will be many more trips this summer as colourations begin to show and attributes are easier to spot. Though I live right down the road from the beach, it is the bog that is my my paradise. So keep you're red hammer, and I'll keep my red neck.
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WOW,really nice!To bad there are not more places like this to see and keep safe from poachers.

Very very wonderful. Please keep it a secret! April
Good job, Zak! Thank you for finding the bog for the NASC. When you can get back, survey the bog, and give us an approximate size.
Moved where it need to be seen, in pitcher plants!!
Incidentally, this stand is the home of the famous "nigrapurpurea", a sarracenia alata with a fancy handle. The plants have many color forms within the bog, and is the only stand in Texas that I know of with black, red, bronze, copper, green/veined, yellow-green, and all kinds of different colors. Mr. Peter D'Amato was the one who coined the name for this s. alata as "nigrapurpurea". Later photos, later in the season, will show the many color variations. Thanks again to Zak for going out and taking the time to bring this to us.
Amazing sight! Thanks for shareing!

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