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N. Rafflesiana Seeds for Trade

I'll have 2 batches of N. rafflesiana seeds ready starting about 2 weeks from now. The first batch (2 weeks later) has raff, and raff x gracilis. The second batch (2 months later) is entirely raff. 4x more seeds than the first.

I am thinking to pack about 100 seeds each packet. Let me know if your country regulates number of seeds allowed in a mail. Will post using registered airmail.

Will prioritize for those who can offer fresh seed trade. I am interested in nepenthes species and VFT. I understand that fresh seeds may not be available immediately. As long as you believe you'll have some within 1 year from now, I'll agree for the trade. Also accept seedlings and cuttings if you're in Malaysia.

If we can't workout a trade, I can send you a packet of seeds for a few bucks of postage.

Hope I can start sorting out who to send to now. So that I can mail out as soon as the seeds ripe. Seeds loose viability fast.

Reply to this thread or pm me if you are interested.

Rafflesiana (a lot, either batch of seeds)
Rafflesiana x gracilis (only a few pods)

The parent plants,
Female rafflesiana

Male rafflesiana

Male gracilis