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N. hamata on a windowsill?

I am primarily a lowland grower, but I've been looking into plants to adapt to my windowsill. I was thinking about a truncata, but I think I want to make my last plant-related investment before college to be in a plant that sparked my interest in CPs: N. hamata. There are two places I think I could grow this plant (to be purchased from AW), my windowsill or my basement. Any combination would work, though this is a plant I would love to display as it grows up.



Day temps: 75-85F, occasionally to 90F
Night temps: 70-75F
Light: Direct for 2-3 hours, then bright to partial indirect for a total of 15 hours.


Day temps: 75F
Night temps: 55-60F
Light: Direct for 3-4 hours, indirect for a total of 12 hours.

The RH is typically in the 30-50% range, higher at night, and I assume higher with wet media and evaporating water around the plant.

My basement is consistent with conditions, year round:

Day: 70F, though under the sundews lights it averages to about 80F.
Night: 63-67F
Light: Artificially provided

I've seen that people have adapted hamatas to windowsills before. Do these conditions seem plausible? I recognize they are not ideal, and I rarely make big investments for single plants, but I think hamata is certainly worth having. I also understand it will be difficult to harden off a plant purchased directly from AW, and am considering this risk.
N. hamata is a poor choice for the window sill. Stick with the truncata.
I think it could be possible if the nights can get down to the low 60's. I grow two hamatas, one indoors and one outside. I recently moved and have had a lot of trouble getting my indoor nights to drop below 65-70 and the hamata definitely suffered. I grew him in a terrarium and I think the extra humidity helped, but the one outdoors is obviously much happier getting nights around 60. I've seen a few nice window grow hamatas. But overall I think there are plenty of other awesome plants that you can grow on a windowsill that would appreciate it much more and reward you with good growth. If your willing to go the hybrid route there are a bunch of awesome things you could grow. I grow lowii x campy as an intermediate and it seems to like it.
Try the truncata first. It's likely going to prove a challenge in itself.
It will take quite some time to acclimate and pitcher that for sure I'm still waiting
I might try it with a mature hamata, but certainly not one that's AW size. It'll die in no time. I'm told they don't get tough until they're in the vining stage.
Ron Dudek grows his hamata on a windowsill and it's been flourishing for a while now:

Sure, you can grow hamata on a windowsill, but your basement sounds like much better conditions. With an expensive plant like hamata, you don't want to go experimenting with it, especially as a small plant. As you take cuttings of it through the years, experiment with those, but just try to give the plant optimal conditions to begin with
(*basement *).