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N. fusca 'Flared Peristome' (ellisonk001 $18)

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Hey guys,
Up for auction is one N. fusca 'Flared Peristome'. Plant is vining and currently has 3 pitchers with a fourth one about to open. Plant grows in intermediate-HL conditions. Pitchers are 4-5 inches on this plant.
Here are some pictures!


Plant will be shipped bare root. I will pay shipping :D
USA ONLY, sorry...
Please plan to pay within 24 hours of auction closing, I will ship within a few days after the auction closes after receiving word of the payment.
Bidding starts at $5.
If you need any more info, feel free to send me a PM!
The NASC has received payment! You are free to ship the item. Thanks for supporting the conservancy :)
Plant was delivered to the post office today, will go out Monday via Priority mail :D
Please update the status of the auction:
Winner: Have you received the item? Is it in the condition described and expected?

Thanks! This will help us close out the few remaining threads in the 2013 auction. Even though we could assume that "no news is good news" and that the winner received the item in good condition, we'd rather receive confirmation of this. Just a quick note is all that's needed!

Ryan Kitko
Vice President, The North American Sarracenia Conservancy
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Plant arrived in great shape and is settling in well.
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Plant arrived in great shape and is settling in well.

Excellent! Thanks for the notification; with that, it appears that this auction is now complete so the thread will be closed. Cheers!
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