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N.boschiana x campanulata (Dan796 $22)

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Up for auction is this rooted cutting of female N.boschiana x campanulata. I just made seed with the mother plant! It is seed grown, afaik you and me will be the only growers of this particular clone.


US only please, bidding starts at $1, +$5 S/H on you, will be shipped bare root. Here is a pitcher of the other basals' pitchers:


I've had pitchers 5" big off this plant before.

do you root your cuttings in those glasses of water thez?
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damn, my computer froze up when I went to bid 24 at 9:59.... the site just froze up on me...ah well, congrats.
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Winner Dan796
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Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
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Just shipped.
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plant received!
Thank You!
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plant received!
Thank You!

Excellent! Thanks for the notification; it appears that this auction is complete so I'll close the thread now. Cheers!
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