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A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
Thanks to the sage guidance of and pleasant trading with Paul on this forum, I think I can call my two new water features a success. They are around five and seven gallons respectively, and contain an assortment of goodies. The notable plants applicale to this forum are the U. gibba and Aldrovanda, though. Both have grown like weeds for me.

I setup the tanks with a base media of kitty litter, peat moss, and silica sand. I the used peat tea diluted with distilled water. I also added a few cups of pond water for the microfauna. I let the tanks--especially the Aldro feature--normalize for several weeks before introducing the carnivorous plants, again on Paul's advice.

And now: pictures.

First, the Aldrovandra tanks. I have two strands of the green variety that have literally tripled in length and branched three or four times over the last few weeks. It is quite fun and a nice change compared to other CPs to see the daily growth everyday after work.



This is the tank containing U. gibba among many others. It is not in contact with the substrate, but I figure it will find it soon enough. The gibba is in the bottom right corner.



These are my first attempts and are only a few months along, but I feel like they are going strong. I am a little torn about winter care, though. I have a pop-tent greenhouse I over winter my Sarrs and VfT with, but I don't know if that will cut it wit the aquatics. I also have a garage that never freezes, but I worry about not being able to provide enough light.

Anyway, thanks for looking!
It looks very nice. Congrats on successfully growing the waterwheel plant!

Good Growing,
Thanks, Kenny! I was/am nervous still about being able to keep them. If I still have some a year from now we will for sure call it a success.
You're doing well the Aldro!
Nice !! Do you add some tiny cyclops or else as food ?

Edit: oops, just read about the micro fauna :)
Super neat! I don't pity whatever decides to land or lay eggs in that water :D
Awesome setup. Now you have me itching for some water wheel!
Looks good! Mostly pretty easy once you get set up properly.