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my first Catt!

here is my first ever Cattleya orchid,i got it for a few months now, since early October. i have been meaning to make a thread about getting this plant, but i hadnt been able to do so for a while, 'cause i have been busy with loads of school stuff. anyways, i got him from my local Lowes, the same place where i got these guyshttp://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?132162-Double-Dormant-Deathcube-Rescue

he is a small little plant, not yet flowering size. i think it will be about 2-3 years before i get blooms, if he likes the windowsill, that is. i think that he will be just fine there, he seems to like it so far. no new leaves yet, but he has been busy producing several new roots, so i think he is starting to settle in.

unwrapping him:





his tag says he is a Brassolaeliocattleya Cherise Nishioka 'Waiakea'


here is what it showed the blossom is supposed to look like when he flowers. looks pretty awesome to me!


Uh oh. You got bit by the orchid bug. There's no saving you. Soon your 'chids will be outrunning your growspace.

Catts like lots of sun and good drainage. Give it enough light that the leaves are a Nepenthes-ish green yellow. I've seen pictures of them being grown in empty pots in humid greenhouses.
nice plant. glad to see another Tf member coming over to the dark side
you may be an addict when you refer to plant as he or she. you may also be an addict when yout take 4 pics of yourself unwrapping it :lol:

nice lookin plant :) hope it does well for ya!!!
Very cool! I just ordered my first as well - Cattleya Amethysagossa(sp? have to look that up)
Good luck with your 'bag baby'. Never seen then up in the BBS around here. Do check the media and root system to make sure that both are in good condition.

Very cool! I just ordered my first as well - Cattleya Amethysagossa(sp? have to look that up)

Quite a large growing plant as I recall. Here's a site that mayhaps be of some use to you, Ash.