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MONTHLY nep show August 2012


please enter your pictures of your favorite nepenthes pitcher.

1 Only one pitcher per month please.
2 Not more than four pictures of the pitcher in the same month
3 No voting this is a vote free thread.
4 Be nice with comments on other members pictures
5 You must have had your nepenthes for more than 4 months. And the pitcher you show has to have developed in your care.
6 All pictures must be taken within the month you are posting it.
7 If you like someones picture or pitcher compliment it OK ,but please do not re-post the picture,
8 cultivated plants only , please no nature pictures, only the ones you are growing.
9 Please dont flood the thread with too many comments just pictures and names of your nepenthes.
Oooooo's ,Ahhhh's, and drooling, are all welcome.

There may be a few more rules as needed, but not many, and I will try and find a way to delete the current thread after 60 days from the last day of the month.

If this works well, we will see if it can continue into the future.

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n. burki.,
lowii x boschiana intermediate pitcher