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misc pics

few misc pix

U. campbelliana

H. neblinae


N. villosa

$2! (LOL)
hehehehe too late, auction over....

LOL, well played, seedjar.

Gorgeous shots and gorgeouser plants.
Yep your right Av8tor1. Nice Heliamphora and Nepenthes. Also Reaper i excpect my Drosera adelae at my house in tip top shape and in a few days. ;)
That N. villosa looks extremely happy. I am slowly building up the courage to try one. This might be the year. I don't buy a plant unless I am confident I can keep it alive. Hence my reluctance thus far. :) Well except for cephalotus. I'm still in denial about those.
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Beautiful heliamphora!! All of the pants look healthy, I can't wait to see what that N. villosa will look like in a couple of years!
very nice Butch! loving how everything is just thriving!
Love the vivid red color!
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fantastic as always
keep 'em coming!!!!!!!!!
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So where's the sekrit eddies? :lol:

Lovely as ever, sir av. I thought you didn't have villosa though... or was it a hamata or a macro? I remember you were missing something toothy... hopefully not yer dentures though ;)
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wow B. Beautiful plants. I love the color on that heli. Insanity.