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Two flies one pitcher. Minus the crap eating.
Hey guys,

First off,


Anyway haha, I was wondering how the sundews and assorted stuff Jeff imported from Australia is coming along for you guys. So far, my tuberous 'dews are just starting to peak through the sand.

The following are "visable":
D. gigantea
D. aff. tubastylis (ill have to check the spelling) is both dewy and forming buds! :boogie:
D. menziesii

I am also stratifying ceph seeds and working on my Byblis gigantea, lamelleta (spelling again?), Stylidium, and drosophyllum seeds.

Hows everything going for you other guy?
Well, as of last month, there was no sign of germination yet for my SAfrican and SAmerican seeds.
I started them in mid-January. However, other South American dew seeds have taken 4 months to germinate, so I'm not going to give up for a long time on these guys! I'm hoping I'll see some action when I go back home next week.
Glad to hear yours are doing well.
My drosera macrantha sp?Is already six inches tall but nothing else yet.
wow M Jacobs thats huge!

What species did you get CPlantaholic? They sound pretty good! :)
Yeah, there were some neat ones like D. camporupestris (I will cry if these don't germinate :) ), D. montana tomentosa "very hairy scapes", D. rubrifolia, D. 'Rhodesian Beauty', etc. I just hope I can at least get 1 of them to germinate! I may try starting the few extras I saved on some dead LFS, which I heard works better for South American sundews.

Good luck with the rest of yours!
Hi y'all! I haven't got any seeds from Mr. Lowrie, can't seem to find a website or anything. How did yall order the seeds? Does he have an online catalog or something? Any help locating his selling list or catalog or whatever he uses would be appreciated. Thanks!

I've got three unknown tubers poking through the soil right now. I've also had d. broomensis, d. ascendens, Byblis guehoi, and byblis filifolia germinate.
You're very welcome Frankie. :-D

Wow... I haven't had any luck with any tuberous dews this year. I guess they just don't like me. Even the tubers I got from Lowrie (U. menziesii) didn't sprout. I think I'm doing something wrong.

I didn't have too high of hopes for the utric seed I got. So far none have sprouted, but they might before summer comes.

Any help locating his selling list or catalog or whatever he uses would be appreciated. Thanks!

Email me at 6wongsljp*gmail.com (replace the * with an @).

Btw, I'd be happy do to another order sometime in the next year. I hear he's got a new stock of NT seeds. Fresh seed should sprout much better!