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lovin' me sum Raff

These three seed grown N. rafflesiana from a fellow Canadian CP grower arrived in the mail yesterday.

Seedgrown Neps are always interesting because of the unique differences between the plants, leaves and pitchers.

Here we have a Raff with copper leaves, pink wings and green bellies.


This next one has green leaves with purple specked pitchers,


and they are gonna be dark toothed devils.



This Raff has purple coloring on the bottom of its leaves - the tops are dark green.


And some shots of one of its pitchers...




And the grower also threw in this darlin' N. albomarginata "red" as one of my bonus plants.


Thanks again Cole, they are looking great! :)

Woop! Woop! these are nice!
Ah yes, I have one SG raff and a reinwardtiana from Cole, very nice plants! Super great quality, and nice variability.

I also have an albomarginata, but that one is too small to tell yet.

Looks like you got some nice ones there! Mine has red leaves, with elongated pitchers. Hoping it turns out to be interesting.
Ooh nice! I love those pink ones.

Any var alatas in your future? They're soo cute.
These are incredible! Make me want some seeds myself...
Jealous! Looks like they will become very beautiful plants. I love the green top/ red bottom leaf coloration, as there aren't many like that
Nice variability. Makes me miss my giant raffs. Those things were ridiculous.
How cool! Seed grown clones really are special :).
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Thanks for all of your comments! :)

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Ooh nice! I love those pink ones.

Any var alatas in your future? They're soo cute.

The grower did say that the seed was sold as var. alata, but that none of the plants have yet shown any winged tendrils - possibly in time.

Here they are soaking it all in inside a soaking bowl just prior to being potted up yesterday.