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What I’m looking for: N. glabrata, N. muluensis, N. lavicola, N. rhombicaulis

What I have:
N. reinwardtiana “red” (rooted cutting with 2 growth points, no pitchers)
N. tobaica (2” leaves, 2 pitchers)
N. ventricosa (small with three growth points, numerous pitchers)
Unrooted basal of N. spectabilis x talangensis (seedgrown from BE)
Unrooted basal of N. spectabilis North Sumatra (still very tiny)
Three species of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches:
The typical kind (Gromphadorhina portentosa)
The oblong or giant variety (Gromphadorhina oblongonata)
The dwarf variety (Elliptorhina chopardi)

I realize that the plants I am looking for are rare or expensive (especially N. lavicola and N. muluensis) so I will be willing to trade multiple plants for only one of these.

I'm more than willing to compromise on both my wants or my haves, so please feel free to PM me with offers! :bigthumpup:
Hope you can get what you want.

Just a quick question: what's the special characteristic of N. lavicola and N. muluensis, compared to other regular neps?
N. lavicola is supposed to be related to N. spectabilis (one of my favorites) and it looks really neat to me. I like the contrast between the pitcher body and the candy striped peristome.
N. muluensis is like a blood-red and less hairy (and from what I hear slower) version of N. tentaculata.

I'm hoping someone on here will have at least one of them, but if not, I suppose I can always save up and order them from Germany next year.