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It's been a while since I've grown CPs, being in college and all, but I scored a single room next year and I'd like to get back into the hobby at a reasonable scale by germinating a few things (we'll see how long the "reasonable scale" thing lasts). I'm looking for seeds from the following genera: Drosera (yes, even capensis), Dionaea, Nepenthes, Byblis, Utricularia, or anything you find enjoyable to grow.

As I mentioned before I'm not really growing anything; however, a greenhouse near me has a sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) in flower as of last week. I have obtained permission with the staff to collect seeds, and have found this plant to be an easy germinator in the past. If you're interested in growing this, I can see whether I can harvest some seed for you.
Are you planning on attending the show this year Ben ? If so, I'm sure I'll have some seeds for you there. Not looking for anything in trade.
I'll get back to you as soon as my current batch of D. intermedia flowers have set seed.
If you send me a SASE, I'll send you some capensis flower stalk cuttings. You'll have dozens of plants in no time. PM me and we'll exchange addresses.
I have lots of unmarked weeds....opps I mean dews/urtic if you want to pay shipping pm me let me know
I've got a lot of B. liniflora seeds, as well as D. indica
I'm afraid all I can offer are some D. spatulata seeds at the moment, but if you're still interested after all these other fine offers, let me know, lol.
I have some alba and burkeana seeds I could send. Just PM me and do a SASE