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Hi All. I am looking for other pygmy drosera that I dont currently grow. I have a ton of Pulchella x Nitidula gemmae to trade, And also seed of spatulata. I would really like to find Scorpioides and roseana. I am also willing to trade the Pulchella x Nitidula gemmae for other drosera variants being seeds or small plantlets. Its your choice.
Also, if you choose the spatulata seed. I'll have to harvest the upcoming ripening seed, the Gemmae on the pulchella x Nitidula is ready to go at a moments notice.

Please note that there are tons of Gemmae of the Pulchella x Nitidula so If you dont have anything for trade, I am more than willing to accept a Sase for the gemmae instead as well.

For the Sase since I remember talking on the chat and promising Gemmae to these Individuals. I want to hold up to my Word.
1. Drew
2. Swampdonkey
3. Lilstinkpot
I might be getting Scorpioides gemmae, and I'm definetly getting Roseana, but I don't know if there is going to be extra. Plus I already have both of the plants you are offering from you (thanks again!).
Hi Nepenthes101,
I will harvest some gemmaes in January. If you want some please contact me by PM( to inform me your adress).
No need to trade. It will be a gift.
Best regards,