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Wire Man

Sphagnum Guru
Hi guys.

Today was really rough. I lost what looks like my entire Pinguicula collection. VA got hit by an unexpected heatwave after a few weeks of cool temperatures and all of my Pings dried out and melted. To make it worse, the water jug ruptured and washed all of them out of their media and down a drain in a panicked attempt to save them. For those of you that have seen my photos, you know that my Pings were well cared for, and this is really upsetting to me.

I'm looking to replace all of these;
-agnata 'True Blue'

I have seedlings of Sarracenia flava, alata, and some rosea to trade, and I'll have pygmy Drosera gemmae soon.
I have a small moranensis seedling I could part with
I just took a mess of pullings on all of those and more. I can send you some once they start growing.
Awesome! I'm open to both of those.
I will be repotting some tomorrow. Any imparticular time you want it?
Depending upon your needs/desires, Graham, I have a couple blooming sized (or close to it) moranensis.
I'm not too worried about time frame for the seedling. Mature plants I'd prefer to get in soon so I can set them into winter growth.
The plant I'm primarily looking for again is cyclosecta. Those colors set them apart from everything else.