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looking for Drosera camporupestris

Drosera camporupestris (hopefully seeds or small plant(s).)
Drosera petiolaris (seeds or young plants)
and pinguicula gigantea

pm me
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D.camporupestris is next to nonexistant in cultivation in the US. I don't even see it on foreign pricelists anymore. It's also a fairly difficult species to maintain, I've failed twice with it.

I have an extra P.gigantea. What are you offering in trade ?
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I have never even heard of the species of drosera this person is asking for
It's actually my favorite Drosera at the moment. Very nice South American species that was separated from D. chrysolepis a while back.

Also, I remember that cplantaholic grows this species, but he hasn't been on TF for a while.
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I had it at one point, got it from sundewman and it actually was very easy to grow for me until I forgot to replace my light bulbs one year, it couldnt handle low light whatsoever. but it loved live sphag and bright lighting.
Unfortunately sundewman isn't really in the hobby much any more. I did see it being sold at bestcarnivorousplants but they are located in Europe and I am not trying to get certificates.
so yea, bump