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I'm hoping some one out there has a nice fly trap or two , would like cupped trap, red dragon , or any long toothed variety:blush:, but any two will do , I have an unrooted n.sabre cutting, and possibly a reg albomarginata , you may take both if you can offer adult plants, of nice size , i have no VFT's left as I havent been protecting mine properly through our winters here:-(, and if you have any live sphagnum a small piece would be nice too. Promise to do better if you can help me out, the sabre is very nice. the albo is also nice. I know im asking a lot , but i think the trade would be worth it. ill put up a pic or two in a few minutes.:0o:
the sabre is still intact and un-cut at this point, i will cut just before shipping, and wrap in some live sphag with a little rooting gel on the cutting. the albo will go as is ill remove the pot and knock a bit of the loose soil off and ship sealed in a plastic.

if you can do a pic as well it would be nice, but if you cant that will be ok
thanks in advance everyone!:-D:-D

Shoot me a PM with you addy, I can send some B-52s your way my friend.
i'm still amazed every time i look close at albomarginita, hairy little thing, isnt it.

Not even a response? Was it something I said? ???
sorry not a number looks like i broke the rules , will try and buy the traps from andrew, thanks for keeping an eye on me. still after all this time , i do mess up . sorry to every one here at the forum.
ok took care of the order I just placed an order with the fly shop. ill notify all who pm'd about my mistake
again so sorry.
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Thanks Jimmy for your support... I know you always do and this is an honest blooper... I'll get you hooked up :) I'll check if any of my fang variety has hung in there during my move too.... I can't remember seeing them lately, but that doesn't mean anything, lots of stuff is hiding. haha
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Sorry, looks like I lost all my specialty VFTs at some point in the move, I don't see any anywhere... I did grab you a handful of live sphag though, there may or may not be a D. prolifera in there... I didn't check but there are some growing in there :p
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thanks so much Andrew, I got them to-day ill watch for the drosera. didnt see any as right now but you know how they sometimes pop up.

nice plants too . got them potted and out with the sarrs a bit shaded for a week or so, but im sure they will do well.