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So after putting my entire Sarracenia collection on the back burner for years, I finally got around to taking a weekend to remove the shards of broken plastic that were once pots and clean and divide them. I'd like to trade these off for Nepenthes, Genlisea, or Sarracenia species varietals not on my growlist (especially S. minor var. okefenokeensis). PM me for pictures, info, offers, etc. Can't accept international offers.

Available are:
S. alabamensis (CA only, but I'm happy to gift them with trades as well); origin. Peter D'Amato
S. alata Tyler Co., TX
S. alata Typical green
S. flava var. flava North Carolina
S. jonesii Meadowview (see S. alabamensis note)
S. leucophylla "Super Swamp Ghost"
S. minor
S. oreophila ICPS Seedbank (see S. alabamensis note)
S. oreophila Sand Mountain #4; origin. Mike Wang
S. rubra subsp. rubra
'Hummer's Hammerhead'
'Moore's Melody'
'Judith Hindle'

in a ton of sizes, shapes, number of growth crowns
never received a reply from the op.....offers retracted
Sorry for the lack of communication on my part, guys. Totally my fault for not contacting anyone interested while I was getting over some illness and catching up with a lot of schoolwork. I appreciate that you took the time to show interest. I'm slowing replying and fleshing out trades with people. Lots of these are still available in pretty good numbers except for Sarracenia jonesii.