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I am looking for a rooted cutting or at 5-6" across size plant of the purple/ black form. Here are the list of plants for trade to chose from:

N. ventricosa x aristo 8" tall rooted cutting (female)
N. [truncata x (northiana x veitchii)] x ephippiata 5-6" across
N. glandulifera x (eymae x veitchii) 3-4" across
N. maxima- Sulawasi x lowii Kinabalu 3-4" across
N. eymea x ephippiata 5-6" across

Please PM
The 'Kuching spotted' form also has dark purple-ish pitchers and can look very similar to the purple/black form. I don't have one to offer, but if you can find one it is a close second to the purple/black form, and may be more widely available as well (depending on where you live).

Where do you live? It's necessary for people to know where you live in order to offer trades, so you might want to update your information to show where you live.
Thanks. I live in CA, USA. I am looking for the purple or Kuching form if available.
If you can't find either and you don't already have it, I have a small albo 'red' form that's an extra in my collection. I spent a while looking for both of the varieties that your on the hunt for and I couldn't find them in the US, although I'm sure if you dig deep enough you'll be able to. Good luck!
There's a particular nursery in the northeast US that has a huge purple albomarginata. They said they have tried to root cuttings repeatedly to no avail. Apparently it is extremely difficult to root. Good luck finding one!