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Live Sphag. moss cultivation

May 4, 2020
Is it possible to get and cultivate live sphagnum moss from previously dried lfs? If so, I need all the help and advice on this you guys can give me.

Note: The lfs has been very moist for about a week now (as I have used it as the medium for my freshly repotted drosera) and recently I have noticed some greenery on it and I'm not sure wether it's signs of life or just algae.

Wysłane z mojego SM-A202F przy użyciu Tapatalka


Getting There...
Sep 29, 2008
Madison, WI USA
Yes, dried LFS almost always will come back to life from spores given the right conditions. One week seems a bit fast, I'd hazard a guess that it is algae currently, but I could be wrong. Look up some photos of live LFS. It iwll tend to be a lighter green than most algaes.
As for cultivating it, some LFS in with some wet peat as a substrate under light will usually do the trick. I have a grow rack, and any of my enclosed containers have it pop up without fail.