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Lil Stinkpot

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After a recent failure with Heliamphora, I considered setting up a highland terrarium, but out it off. Today I was kind-of spontaneously (I had a week's warning, really) given a teeny little Heli. and some Utricularia quelchii. Oh, boy-- I gotta DO something, and keep these alive. I had an Exo Terra hinged door thing with a broken lid sitting around. No good for snakes, little Houdinis, but now it's perfect for a terrarium. I stuck some plastic cling wrap under the lid and snaked a thermometer probe through a provided portal before snapping on the lid, and then I misted the daylights out of every surface in there. I then dumped about four or so cups of RO water in the bottom and added a couple of up-turned plastic pots. I really need to get some of that plastic egg crate stuff. And now, the plants!


I have a little N. ramispina cutting that I can move into the terra, and I'll have to forage around out in the greenhouse to see what else belongs in there. (If anyone is adventurous enough to double-check my growlist, it'd be greatly appreciated!)

Oh, joy! I am now much better prepared for N. hamata, mikeii, HL veitchii, as many Helis as I can stuff in the little tank, as many Utrics as I can suction cup to the wall, and some orchids. Woo hoo!
:spazz: :boogie: :laaa:

EDIT: 6/25/13 There have been several messages lately for me to change my lights. I invite my fellow TFers to finish the thread to the end before clicking the PM button. I spent quite a bit of money on the current set up, and have no intention of changing it, nor do I have the money. I like how it looks, and the lights are plenty strong enough -- I almost burned a couple lowland Nepenthes.

As you read, you will see the ups and downs of life through the condition of the plants. Feel free to fast forward through the sad parts. ;)Post #50 on page five would be a good place to start./COLOR]
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nice score :D

im curious, what is going to cool this area?
For now, an ice bottle. I talked it over with Geoff, and he agrees that that's the best way to go, for now. I'll have to watch the humidity, and be sure the cold bottle doesn't suck out too much moisture from the air.
So, guys and gals, which of these would be better as true HL?

N. 'gothica'
N. maxima
N. maxima Watutau dwarf
N. robcantleyii
N. muluensis x lowii
N. singlana Pasaman (seedlings)
N. spectabilis giant x aristolochioides
N. thorelii x (x wittei) ♀
N. veitchii x platychila
N. x miranda
N. x rokko

I have a couple suspects in there already; I'll be moving the N. singlana seedlings, the maximas, the lowii hybrid and the aristo hybrid-- they've all been sulking this summer. Nearly lost the muluensis x lowii.
I would definitely leave the maximas as lowlanders and the miranda, idk about the rest of them. But then again maxima is an intermediate so it could do well, but I know Miranda thrives in lowland conditions.
the singalanas and the N. muluensis x lowii. Everything else will do fine outside in the GH.
Maximas are lowlanders? No kidding.... I'll fix that. What about the maxima Watutau dwarf? I've seen it listed as HL.

The miranda must stay in the GH. It is just way too big for the LL tank. It sulks during the winter, but puts on a real show in the summer. Nice, tasty colorful pitchers.

Thanks for the tips!
you mean too big for the HL tank?
all maxima are intermediate at best.
No, I mean N. miranda. :D Mc said that it's a lowlander. I'm not surprised, by how mine is acting.

When you say "intermediate at best" for maxima, where would you put "at worst"?

Update: the tank, with its only half-frozen water bottle, got down to 64* last night. Let's see how warm it can get during the day.

I went to Home Depot and got some "egg crate" and a better light bulb. The temperature is currently 74*; let's see what it does when I leave the doors shut for longer than a few minutes. :lol: We'll get a humidity gauge later, when we go tot he pet store next. I know it's pretty high.

Nuclear 120 watt flood:


Mylar reflective side and back:


Just a few plants:


They look happy already:

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N. robcantleyii
N. muluensis x lowii
N. singlana Pasaman (seedlings)
N. spectabilis giant x aristolochioides
These would be highland plants, though some are tolerant of lower temps. Maximas can go lowland or semi-highland. Great setup for such a quick notice by the way!
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Thanks and thanks!

The N. robcantleyii is a true HL? I was misinformed, then, as an intermediate. If it perks up in the GH as the weather cools, then I'll move it in for sure. (I'll also move it in if you tell me to)
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Your terrarium is very cool!
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@lil: the water below the eggcrate can also be used with an ultrasonic fogger to create mist. however, you will need some sort of air flow to distribute the mist otherwise it just stays on the floor.

as for the robcantleyi, i would use the saying, "if it aint broke, dont fix it." if your plant is doing fine in the conditions you've given it, then keep it where it is. no need to put the plant through unnecessary stress.
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I can put a fogger and a small fan of some sort on my "later" list. Right now, CA EDD is paying for all of the stuff I needed today.

Wouldn't it be cool to route a small-ish hose from the fogger outlet to the top of the terra?
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Lil, I agree with amphirion if it ain't broke don't fix it. I think robcantleyi can adapat to almost any conditions. mine grows on a windowsill house conditions RH30 to 40 highest.
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A little update:

I swapped the light bulb for a 100 watt, and stole the hygrometer and thermometer from the LL terrarium. The tank stays right around 80* during the day, and is at 65* when I wake up. The humidity is rock steady at 95%. I want the temperature to drop a little more at night, so I am trying a bigger ice bottle, 2l instead of 1l. I'm watching it now to see that the humidity doesn't drop. I just checked (the ice has been in for about an hour and a half), the temperature has dropped to 71*, and the humidity is still right at 95%. I think I'm good to grow. :awesome:
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Sounds awesome! But I think you are really going to want to find an automated system for cooling, are the ice bottle wearing on you yet? :)
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Not yet. At the moment I can't afford it. I still have to go into the other room and turn on both terras, and one involves bending down and plugging in/unplugging the cord. It won't wear on me for a while yet.
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You're off to a great start! i would suggest you get a fan first and see if you can do without the fogger.
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Tweaking the setup again.

In an attempt to keep the cold in longer, I wrapped a second layer of Mylar around the first, and created a "door" that is stuck to the front at night and is peeled back during the day. I don't want it to get hotter during the day, just colder at night. I may even open up the "crisper drawer" vent under the doors if it gets too hot. The back is also single ply. I have more Mylar around, somewhere. Sounds like a trip to the dollar store is in order.

We shall see!



Cutout for the lamp. You can see where it is two ply, and where I ran out of Mylar.