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LF N. x hookeriana

Title says it all. What I have for trade you ask? Well here ya go:
N. ventrata (rooted cutting)
D. sessifolia
Unknown ping
U. sandersonii
U. livida
U. tricolor
Thats about all I can think of at the moment. If you have N. x hookeriana for trade then pm me. Check out my grow list. Sometimes (by that I mean all the time) I forget things that I have for trade.

~Thanks in advance!
I am just starting to grow lowland nepenthes, but already have over 5 highland neps
I think you missed the point of his post: he's giving away a seed-grown x hookeriana, the plant you're looking for which is a lowlander.
I'd say I have hookeriana available, but I have no room for new plants and am planning on selling those elsewhere....
What I meant is that I have over 10 Nepenthes and do not qualify for the giveaway, but thank you!