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Getting There...
Sep 29, 2008
Madison, WI USA
Short story, but about a month ago I acquired my first ping, and aphrodite, a month or so ago.

While having noticed a gnat around my grow rack here and there in the past, I never thought of them as much of a problem. However, the little hunter aphrodite has covered it's leaves in 50+ gnats over the past month and is keeping them at bay I hope!

Anyways, having found I can at least keep them happy so far, I'm looking to trade for some other types. Currently, have N. mirabilis seedlings 1-2 inches across that are starting to put on some size, a variety of succulent pullings with growth, some common-er drosera seedlings, and possible a stem cuttign of N. spectabilis x talangensis.

If anyone is interested, just post here or PM me and we can try working something out!

Thanks, and happy growing,