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Hey everyone,
I have a division of "Leah Wilkerson" I would like to trade!
My Leah I bought directly from Brooks Garcia in 2005, and it came directly from the Wilkerson bog.
(I still have the email paper trail to prove it! :) if anyone would like that along with the plant..)

Here is a photo from a few years ago, its the tall one in the back of the pot:


Its now in its own pot..I repotted it last Spring, and took a division off the main rhizome clump and stuck
the division off to the side of the pot, it is that division I would like to trade.

I am interested in trading for any interesting, unusual or rare *upright* Sarracenia..
anything except sarrs with obvious psittacina or purpurea parentage. (im not a huge fan of those)

Will be shipped "bare root" wrapped in sphagnum..
due to uncertainty over international shipping rules, im going to say "US only"..
I will pay for shipping on my end, person I trade with can pay for shipping on their end..

(I also have a small pot of Judith Hindles, maybe 4 or 5 smaller rhizomes..they can be included as
part of this trade, or if someone is interested in Leah but not Judiths, they can be a separate trade..)

So let me know what you have! :)
A little late in my season to send rhizomes. I would offer an alata var. nigropurpurea but the flowers already opened.