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lady pauline bloom


if anyone is interested , mine is about to bloom, .
pollen anyone ? :blush:
Hmm that might be interesting on vent or splendiana
Would you be up to do N. 'Lady Pauline' x (ventricosa x talangensis)? Still trying to figure out my options for pollen. My female vent x talangensis is going to be in bloom in a month+/- a few days.
Possibly. Im not sure how to sex is lady Pauline male or female?
N. 'Lady Pauline' is (supposedly) a single clone out of tissue culture and appears in all of BE's documentation as a male.
Can you tell for sure from the blooms, i can add a picture .later today .
Lucky you! My big nep dont want to flower!
Yeah I thought "Lady" Pauline was actually a guy. That's why I offered the spendiana and vent of mine. Both are females. The only male I have flowering is red leopard.

Maiden are you growing your NEP under lights or using natural sun?? I think the change in photo period is the trigger for neps although I could be wrong.
BTW these are female flowers.

Male flowers are more spherical in appearance.
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Nice nice !

I grow my neps in highland terrariums under T5's. I will try the photoperiod trick
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Orchids on the outside of a pot! Pretty cool.
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here is the blooms now another week , or so i think.
when to collect the pollen??:blush: advise ??:blush
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Jimmy, you have the female clone of 'Lady Pauline', so you are going to want to start requisitioning pollen from other folks, not vice versa!
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Holy crap. I didn't know there was a female lady Pauline. Way cool
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thanks guys for identifying my nep. as female:blush:
. ill start another thread looking for some pollen. any advise. should i try another lady pauline(male clone).
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I've wanted to do that Jimmy. My lady Pauling isn't flowering yet but has about six growth points. I was told mine was male but I haven't confirmed that yet.
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I have a melvino flowering but not ready yet.
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This is the first lady Lady Pauline I've ever seen.. definitely a rarity.
I've owned 2 in the past, and those both flowered male in my care.
Same as Paul, I too was under the impression that all Lady Paulines were male.
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