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Just sprouted!

I'm SUPER EXCITED since I've been giving super careful attention to my seed baby-to-be's every day, and I found that three sprouted! :laaa: I sowed the nepenthes seeds on 11/4, and the VFT seeds on 11/1. They're just growing in my room in seedling trays. I thought I'd share and document this personal accomplishment! I'm really amazed at how tiny they are.

The nepenthes sprout in the picture is of n. sumatrana, and the VFT seeds are of a mix of some colorful giant varieties.




I'm so glad I'm doing something right! :-D
congrats on your success so far :D

and btw, ur lil doggy is adorable! :banana2:
congrats on your success so far :D

and btw, ur lil doggy is adorable! :banana2:

Ty! I was a bit worried that they were bad seeds... but now I can be relieved!

Lol! He's... 5x the size in that picture now. Not as cute anymore in looks and his fur grew about 4 inches long now. If only there was a way to prune him like you do plants to make him that tiny size again! :awesome:
Congrats on your new babies! :D
Very nice! They germinated really fast, must have been uber viable. :D
You are so fortunate! I am like 0 for 10 when it comes to germinating Nep seeds, no matter what I have done.
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@That One Guy: Or I have a super green thumb. :awesome: Actually, I'm quite surprised at the rate the nep grew at, and it seems questionable because there's only one at the moment... so at this point, I'm just hoping that my sister didn't put one of my vegetable seeds into the tray to play a trick on me.

@Jimscott: Lol! I know! :laaa: Actually iono. First time growing CPs + First time growing from seeds, but from reading about how lengthy they take, I know!! I actually drugged my seeds though, iono if that would be why. I made a 200ppm GA solution with very very dilute amount of kelp fertilizer (wanted to see if the fertilizer would give them a boost) for my sumatrana seeds and let it soak for about 1.5 days. It's probably the GA at work for the seed germination rate though. But I really can't say, because there really is only one so far. Hopefully it's not the sneaky sister...
:-DWay to go
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hmm can't really see any details on the VFT pots so no comment. Unfortunately I have to burst some bubbles though on your Nepenthes seed pot. The little sprout with the small rounded cotyledons isn't a Nepenthes. On a positive note though you have alot of time yet where you could see some sprout. It can be a month to several months (or even longer) before you see some sprouts. Generally lowland types sprout much sooner than the highland seed.
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Hooray! Congrats! When I sprouted my first CPs earlier this year I was so excited!
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@uphwiz: Ty! :D I just found another vft seed sprout today!

@Tony Paroubek: Damn, maybe that sister really did mess with my plants. Or maybe it's a stray seed from the dried long fiber sphag? I'm now wondering what that really is... Well, on the plus side, I know the VFTs are infact VFTs because they still have their seed coats on their little heads. :laaa: Hopefully they all sprout sooner than later. Ty for your insights!
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Ah good deal then on the VFT! If you can still see the Nep seeds then you will also see the seedlings emerge from them as well when they finally do. It should be pretty evident when it happens. Probably just a random weed seed from the Sphag. Although it sort of reminds me of a basil sprout ;>
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@lil hokie: Yay! Ty!! I feel like I can burst. Hahaha! My morning routines are now like: 1. wake up, 2. rush to trays and check for new seedlings, 3. either scream in excitement from more sprouts/ growths or get disappointed, 4. brush teeth, 5. double check again, 6. wash face, 7. maybe third time's the charm, 8. get yelled at and reluctantly get to work

@Tony Paroubek: T_T Actually, the sad part is how I DO have basil seeds laying around downstairs because I was planting them too... But my room is upstairs so I didn't think that'd be it. Darn that sneaky basil! Well... I'll still let it grow. Hopefully it'll pity me and flip its genetic code around and become a nep.
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Oddly enough, I do have some GA3 in the butter keeper...
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That is similar to what my routine was hahah!
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@jimscott: I believe this calls for more experimentation!

@lil hokie: Hahaha! I'm trying to stop myself from doing this, but it's so hard. I improved a bit after I found another "sprout" in my drosera tray.. which looked exactly like the one in my nepenthes tray: aka another weed. Sigh, stupid weed seeds. Ruining all the excitement of seeding green for me. :(

Edit: On the plus side, about 7-8 vft seeds have germinated now. :laaa:
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Someday... I've kinda given up on Nepenthes in general.
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Nice!! I'm waiting on some Sarracenia seeds to stratify, so I'm just as excited as you are :-O
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@jimscott: Pish posh! Never give up, never surrender! The buzz lightyear's way. :-D

@Fish n Plants: Actually.. talking about sarracenia seeds... 4 of mine sprouted out of like 10-12 seeds. It's only sarracenia purpurea though. I think it's Northern type. Nothing awesome and fancy... but I'm glad it sprouted! :laaa: I really hope others pick up pace. I thought it was weed at first like the random weeds I've been seeing in my pots, but then I saw the seed shell still on its head and went YAY! All the sprouts look the same so far.. I'll definitely post pictures up later! :) Keep me updated on how your's go too!