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Just a few pics to share: Reorganized

I reorganized some of my tanks so I figured I would take and share some pics during the process. I'm not the greatest at taking pictures, but I hope you enjoy them :-D.

'Red Dragon'

Sanguinea 'Orange': From Andy :)

Alata (Giant) x Spectabilis

Alata (Giant) x Spectabilis: Pitcher Close Up

Maxima 'Dark': Looking not too dark... newly opened pitcher though, and should color up.

Burbidgeae: Smaller pitcher, waiting for shock recovery on a few different clones

Lady Pauline

Lady Pauline: Pitcher Close up


Spectabilis x Ventricosa


'Marbled Dragon'

'Marbled Dragon': Pitcher Close Up

'Marbled Dragon': Pitcher Close Up 2

One of my highlander tanks:
Great neps!
I really like the 'Lady Pauline'
I wish I bought one when I had the chance.
what do you use for lighting? I just got a tank, but it has a 20 year old aquarium fluorescent in it...which I'm guessing needs to be replaced haha
Wow, some really nice plants. I wish I had more space! The Lady Pauline is especially nice.
Thx for the responses guys =D. I'm pretty sure at least one CP vendor still has Lady Pauline available. I use all T5 HO lighting for my plants. Previously, I used a mix of T5's and T8's with great results, but then I got my hands on some more T5 fixtures so I figured I might as well use 'em. In summer I might revert back to T8's and use a longer photoperiod just because of the heat generated by the T5's. It's ridiculous. I'm really loving this new house I'm at though. It's right by the beach and gets way cold at night. My highlanders are in the garage and loving it.
Niiice! I like the 'Sabre'. Love the dark pitchers.

Quite a nice set up! :)
very very nice and perfect quality of plants. I love the lady pauline. :D
Wow! I'm in complete agreement with everyone else! Fantastic!

At what temperature do you keep your chamber?
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May I ask what you mean by "reorganization?" Was it a spacial reorganization or did cultivation requirement organization?

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Great pics! How awesome is that marbled dragon? I have one, too, and I LOVE it. Grows so easily, and even at a small size, the pitchers are large and showy.

In a couple of years, it should be an absolute show stopper!
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Great job nepethes, love the 'sabre'.
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Great Plants! Especially the Lady Pauline!
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nice plants,I need more nepenthes :grin:
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Great pics and collection. I especially like 'Lady Pauline'. I'm a sucker for dark peristomes.
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Thanks for all the compliments everyone =D. I absolutely love looking at pics on here, and i'm glad you enjoyed my share =D.

@EdaxFlamma: My temperatures almost never break 76F during this winter with the lights on, and at night the temps drop down to at least 50F or lower.

@Xvart: I just reorganized my plants and moved certain specimens into different tanks. My previous arrangement was getting overcrowded, so I just moved some plants around and figured I would take some pictures while I was pulling the plants out of the tanks.

Thanks again everyone =). I will take some more pics of my other plants once they grow up a bit more. I especially can't wait for my Burbidgeaes to recover. They are my favorite (so far).
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Love your N. "Marbled Dragon". One of my favorite hybrids. I grow mine in lowland conditions and does great although quite large. I see you grow yours in a highland chamber and also looks great. Beautiful plants, very impressive. How do you cool your highland chamber in the summertime/ do you circulate air in the chamber.
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Absolutely stunning collection! Your tank's clean presentation only serves to enhance the beauty of your plants. What size tank is that?

Would you mind posting more pictures of your other tanks?
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@Macamus3: Thanks! That Marbled Dragon was the first nepenthes I received (along with Sabre) I love how hardy it is as well, and I wanted to get more so I can grow them outside but I couldn't find any recently. I usually cool my highland tanks with one of those box fans for windowsills. I have it blow across the glass top and side, and the T5. Occasionally I will spray it with water because the evaporation helps cool it down some. I just leave the top of the tank open and air circulates a bit. This next summer should be blazing in San Diego though, so I will most likely revert to T8's.

@LLeapardGGecko: Thanks! I just did a thorough cleaning while moving my plants over to my new house and did a little more spot cleaning during the reorganizing. That is a 40 G breeder tank, with dimensions 36Lx18Dx16H. I will take some more pics of the other tanks in a little bit and put them up, but they aren't really anything special. Right now I am considering getting another rack for my lowlanders and getting bigger tanks, or enclosing the rack with grow plastic (the kind you get at hydro shops). I tried that with the highlanders but the heat got too high, so with the lowlanders it should work out nicely.
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Here are some other pics of my tanks, plus one of my Ampullaria 'Brunei Red'.

One of my lowlander tanks:

My other lowlander tank: (Needs more lowlanders badly :-D ) And yes it was freezing in my house when I took this pic... I have no room for a pool of water and heater in this tank though.

My mini highlander tank (5G) that I use for maximizing the frozen water bottle effect.: I really need to take out that LFS around the Rajah. It's turning black and nasty. Serves my Rajah right though for shrinking on me.

My other highlander tank (40G):

And Ampullaria 'Brunei Red' that I took a few cuttings of: The plant off to the right is the same clone, and the large plant on the right in the second lowlander tank pic is the mother plant which I plant to cut up soon due to my space restrictions. I will grow plants like that out once I get my greenhouse in about a year when my lease is up.

One more of the Amp Cuttings, pitchers: