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I hate bugs. Carnivorous plants get me.
Jpappy's porch growing photo thread

Got a bunch of new plants in today and ready to start my outdoor collection. All US natives and hybrids at the moment. Apologies if Sarracenia names are a bit incorrect, my taxonomic knowledge of the genus is a bit rough so this is how they were labeled from the sellers...might have to ask for some better IDs once they start back up again.

S. alata "dark maroon" (?) - a freebie, so unsure if that's an accepted cultivar because I can't find anything
S. rubra subsp. gulfensis
S. rubra subsp. wherryi
S. psittacina (labeled as "typical")
S. minor (labeled as "typical")
S. flava (labeled as "veined, subadult")
S. leucophylla "Gulf" (?)- unsure if that's supposed to be location or a cultivar I am unaware of
S. x formosa
S. x wrigleyana
S. x gilpini
S. x mooreana - it's also listed as leucophylla x flava by the seller, so is S. x moorei more correct?
S. x gilpini

D. intermedia
D. capillaris
D. filiformis ("filiformis")
D. filiformis 'Florida red'
D. tracyi

P. primuliflora
P. caerulea
P. planifolia
P. lutea

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Wow - that is a large number of species. 'Looking forward to seeing how they develop. :)
I think the cold nights are really getting to them. Hopefully they bounce back once we get out of this weird February funk. Last night was a hard freeze and had to bring them inside, and supposed to be a few more nights next week that dip below freezing as well.
Things starting up slowly as spring starts back up again here... I killed most of the Pings because I forgot to flush the terracotta pot they were in :headwall:

S. x wrigleyana is the first to put up a pitcher

D. filiformis and tracyi

The Pings that don't hate me enough to die completely