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Not really a question, just an observation...

I was doing my watering today and during some close inspection in the highland tank and it seems "spring" has sprung for the plants in the highland chamber. With the days reaching only 70-75*F now, the sphagnum moss is coming back to life (it died out in June as the days hit 80-83*F).

The big N. rajah has started producing some more offsets around it's base (as it did last fall).

The "N. Doorman's Top #2", possibly being the rare N. papuana has suddenly produced two 2cm pitchers on a 5 cm plant the next should be well shaped and color acclimated so I will post an image soon.

All the "dead but dreaming" epiphytic Utrics in the highland chamber have suddenly sprung to life and the U. calycifida has been flowering nonstop (I'll admit I have been fertilizing it like an orchid just to see what would happen).

It's funny to see how the seasons flip flop. The lowland Nepenthes tank's rapid summer growth and heavy nectar production is slowing down noticeably.

Anyone else notice seasonal habits of your Nepenthes and affiliated flora even within terrariums/grow chambers (how I grow mine)?
I admit N. hamata is like my front lawn, leaf after leaf after pitcher after pitcher! Even the slow N. villosa seems to be picking up pace. N. truncata and N. merrilliana haven't been hit by cooler temps yet as the swamp cooler is still running in the day along with misting. N. lowii is faster noticably too.