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is this what a nep looks like when it is 'vining'?

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I have been growing for a little over a year and I think I gotten a few of my neps big enough to start vining but since I have never seen one vine before it's kind of a first accomplishment/big deal for me.

But just wanted some confirmation, here is a pic of my tallest one.

thx for looking!

Yep, it's vining....
sweeet....does it need something to wrap around or do i just let it flop over to get more basals? how tall before I can make a cutting? will it make different/upper pitchers now?
yup! a nice vign.
Some species can outgrow any terrariums ! You can cut the plant right now.
upper pitchers like to loop around some thing
woohoo! I got vines!

yea, I might have to make a cutting it's only about 4 inches from the top :) .......not ready to expand the grow chamber yet.