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Is Hypnum moss safe to use on CPs?


I like to grow sphagnum moss on all of my plants. I found this fern moss on my mother's grave. There is a lot of it so I brought some home. Will it be safe to put on my Nepenthes?
No Sheila, this stuff will only rot and leach nastiness into the media.
I have quite a bit in my Sphagnum cultures, but not very much in my Nepenthes pots. I've never witnessed it rotting or causing issues.

I'm sure you could, but keep a watch on it. I don't think it harm CPs unless it grows over a tiny seedling and blocks the light.
I've had it in my pots for years; not always the easiest to keep pretty, but I've never experienced anything negative about it. If anything it seemed to have very positive root growth up through it.
Its probably not UNSAFE to have some growing on the surface of your soil, but I would not advise using it IN the soil mix; that is likely to lead to problems.
Thanks! I'll try it on the surface of one plant and see how it works. I may try a Sarracenia instead of Nepenthes, first.