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Hi! I recently fed some black ants to my droseras and i was surprised that most species (peltata, pygmies, rotundifolia, anglica, burkeana, etc...) suffered harm to their leaves and they died (of course ants escaped). Here is an example of d. anglica (note the dead new leaf):

Now is it the effect of formic acid ants sprayed on leaf in order to protect themselves? Has anyone similar experience?
Hmmm, i'm not sure about poison effects from the ants, but i do know that ants cause lots and lots of mechanical damage to the leaf as they struggle. they bite and chew their way out of many cps, so they aren't the best food for our beloved plants...
This happened to one of my D. adelae. I put a little black ant on it, and a few days later the leaf was burned and browning where the ant was.
Ants use formic acid as a defense. That could be the cause of any "burn".