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Indoor terrarium, nepenthes and frogs... what is the scoop?

Hey community,
I have been browsing around the Internet trying to figure out if it would be appropriate to have either a species of dart frog or tree frog with my neps? At the moment they are growing under a compact fluorescent light and the temperatures don't get above the 80's. I am wanting to start a new terrarium and potentially house a frog or two. Again, I literally know nothing about caring for frogs. I have a parrot and that is all I can speak on.

Just wondering if any of you have any tips or pointers to get me in the right direction?

I am considering getting the 22.5″L x 17″D x 36″T Glass Terrarium put out by protean.


Thank you all for your help.

ive kept and bred darts and mantellas and still have neps.....to me it is not worth the risk of a $15 plant possibly eating a $50-100 frog but thats just me....Darts really arent the best climbers of the frog world and i can see them getting stuck in a nep pitcher at some point even if they get out 99 times out of 100 you still have that one time your plant ate an expensive frog.....
Hey community,
I am considering getting the 22.5″L x 17″D x 36″T Glass Terrarium put out by protean.

I hope you are a patient person.
I've had both R.imitator and R.ventrimaculatus breed and raise tadpoles in N.gracilis pitchers.
Nep with little frogs? Nice combo, but risky for your frogs lol. We are looking foward to see the pictures when your setup will be up :)