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I have always relied on the kindess of strangers

Hello everyone

Because of a long, complicated story, I had to leave my nepenthes in the care of someone else for almost a year. Now that I have returned, I find all are gone. dead as the proverbial doorknob. If anyone has any cuttings to spare, I would of course pay S&H and be forever indebted to you. I have successfully grown highland and lowland varieties.

Thank you thank you thank you.


As and added thank you, I can promise that faeries will come and tickle your nose while you sleep.
It's always rude to ask for free plants...

She's got quite a bit of history here.. It's always rude for noobs to ask for free plants.
This is simply a shame. Sorry to hear it Nikki.
I wish I had something that needed cutting. Just a few upcoming basals here and there..
I'll definitely keep you in mind when the time comes to separate them.
wow, who was this someone else? did they have a clue how to care for them properly? hard to imagine as every plant is dead. simply tragic :(
I wish you best of luck rebuilding your collection. I hope you didn't have too many valuable ones.
It's always rude to ask for free plants...


It is also rude to accuse someone of rudeness when you joined the forum 5 days ago,
and Nikki joined 7 years ago..perhaps you don't know the dynamics of the forum
and Nikki's relationship to it?

Very sorry to hear about this! :( I have nothing much coming up in the highland chamber but one of the Ampullarias is cloning itself quite rapidly and I am attempting at rooting one of the small sub-surface viners in case you're interested. I'm not sure if it will be ready very soon though. . . several other basals on some other lowland hybrids coming up as well. Do you have a list of some Nepenthes that you yearn to recover? :)
I just cut some of my Nepenthes and may be able to send you some in a little while. Follow up with me in a month or so (I have a limited supply of those and am rooting some for friends. I would send cuttings now but want to make sure I have enough which take root). If you want an unrooted cutting. I could probably send you something. Might be a more common variety like N. alata.
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I could give you an entire bush of ventrata and possibly a mature "Miranda". Mature meaning 12" leafspan.
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If I don't sell out at a conference next month I'll let you know. I need to cut back the 'Dormouse' before it burns itself. I'm rooting a cutting of aristo x ventricosa right now.
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Sorry! I was just following forum rules. I had no intention of being rude myself, and there are many posts I have read about the negativity of asking for free plants, so I thought I was just obeying the rules.

Now that I know, I would be happy to donate once I have some growth :)

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do you only want neps?
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It is also rude to accuse someone of rudeness when you joined the forum 5 days ago,
and Nikki joined 7 years ago..perhaps you don't know the dynamics of the forum
and Nikki's relationship to it?

It is also rude to accuse someone of rudeness when you yourself know full well that they're too new to know full well themselves all of the intricacies of the dynamics of the forum and each person's relationship to it. Hey this accusation stuff is fun!
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^ lol inception! o_o

Sorry to hear about your collection, that's awful. I have an upcoming basal of spectabilis x lowii (although it's rather slow) if you're interested. I'll keep you in mind when it's large enough to separate :)
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Hey if nobody else wants to take the obvious opening, I'm going to mention how rude it was of me to derail this thread! This stuff REALLY is fun! Seriously though, if I grew anything the OP was interested in I'd be glad to help. But any plant delicate enough that a little freeze would kill it is something I'd have killed long before winter set in!
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To ask for free plants as a noob is one thing. (Bad) To ask for help when a tragedy happens is another. (Good). Sorry about your collection. Wish i grew nepenthes.

Good luck!
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I believe we all have some responsibility to "moderate" any discussion group we participate in, and its inevitable that sometimes, in their enthusiasm, someone will jump on a new member and chide them about breaking a rule - probably one they knew nothing (or little) about. So, here we have one new TF member jumping on another new member about (somewhat inappropriately) sending out a request for propagating materials to repopulate a lost collection.

Given the fact that both are new to TF, it might be most productive (and kinder!) to offer guidance for both rather than chiding them for a first offense. Surely we can take a more benign approach to such modest infringements? (Barely infringements at all, IMO) It's probably not a coincidence that the OP hasn't posted a followup; she is likely feeling attacked for what she thought was a harmless request. We can do better that that in fostering a more welcoming community atmosphere, I know we can :)

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I have a few Nep. that i will be cutting very soon. I don't don't know what U are looking for but I vent x agasenesis that is rooted if you want please pm me. I also I have a vent x tentaculata that I want to cut too. U can have both if u want.

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I'm in the process of rooting a couple cuttings of N. maxima x bongso. I'd be happy to send one your way once they're fully recovered!
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it was all very frustrating .. I left detailed instructions. She didn't even contact me when they began to fail, she just let them die.