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I have a cluster of unknown rosette drosera

I picked with up from someone who thought it was a spatulata. I guess It might be a frasier island since I have a real spatulata and it has bigger leaves than this one. But it could also a natalensis, tokaiensis or some other one of those similarly looking dews. Maybe a hybrid? I'm curious to know. Thanks all.

D. spatuhaha or D. rotundastickya.
It looks more like either D. rotundifolia.... nut I'm horrible at IDing these plants!
The plant in the 6 o' clock position screams 'pretty rosette' to me, or spatulata or tokaiensis maybe.

seems like possibly a couple different species/ varieties
flower pics would be helpful for sure
Its never flowered :(

It could well be a pot that had various seeds sown in It. I forgot, but I remove a binata that spontaneously emerged near the edge. It now lives with my other binatas. Shortbus also pointed out earlier that the grassy/flowery weedy stuff that plagues my pots is some kind of Utricularia, which I had no idea. This pot was the source of that as well. Lol. Heck of a pot I acquired, huh? What else is gonna come up, a heliamphora? Nepenthes?
So one of them is putting up cute little flower stalks now.
And the bottom plant has gone crestate. Heck of a pot, indeed! Can't wait to see what the flowers look like, even though I'm no good at IDing rosetted dews, either. Get a good shot of the Utric, and I can at least ID that one, pretty easily.
It's a bisquata. :p Yeah, the dew at the bottom Is pretty crazy. Most of the ones in the pot are growing like that. I would split them up but its remarkable.
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Ahh, the ubiquitous U. bisquemata. I should have known. :D I get that one a lot. Funny, I can not seem to keep U. subulata alive. Hah!
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I would kill it if I could. Hate it. :p
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Its a nice drosera. I have 2 species of spatulata, and like you said, they are bigger.

I dont know what specie you have, but its a very nice specie\hybrid :-D

If you produce seeds next year, im very interested :)
I love rosetted sundews.
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Maiden, okay, will try. So far haven't had anything give me seeds. I had some little white things from a capensis once but they never germinated. *shrugs*

Here's a few pics of that crestate.


Maiden, this is my actual spatulata.

Difference, eh? That one is nearly as crazy though.
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amazing plants you have there !