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Bee growing Neps and other carnivores for about six years now. I grow in a small tent I made out of three grow lights and a plastic four shelf unit.

N. Ventricosa was my first Nep.
Since I've added a Miranda.....
And I received for free several dying plants from the local marijuana supply store, I mean hydroponics store. They had a giant display with al kinds of Neps, butterworts. And North American pitchers. (Donated)

Two months later it was destroyed and the survivors were dying under lights with no moisture. The media they were in was dry.

I took all I could. Got a maxima hybrid, and several others that have barely pitchered yet. Three survived as basal shoots only, while two made it as cutting from vines. So seven Neps right now. As well as two fresh cuttings that look to be surviving so far.

I've got a five year old VFT, Lowes rescue. And a cupped plant from the same supply shop I traded for a Ventricosa cutting.

S. purpurpea, as as one Mexican pincula, and five different sundews....

Pictures as soon as my order from fly traps comes in, and I get everything out of hibernation and repotted.
Hi there, DR. Whereabouts the Detroit area are you? We have a few Michigan members here. Good chance I'm one of the closer ones to you. (Over in Novi)
Welcome to Terraforums! Nice to hear that you were able to rescue some plants.
Welcome to TF!
I'm six and telegraph. Right on the red line!

I'm a boiler operator, but work Sundays at Shooters Service in Livonia.

Novi, the twelve oaks "where the hell did we park" mall... I still have nightmares! But I love the expo center, I met "The Gunny" there. He signed my AR-15 for me!
Hello !

Im on many forums, but this one is very special

Hope you will have great times with us here :+)
Howdy from Lansing
"from the local marijuana supply store, I mean hydroponics store"

Ahahah so true ! Each time i tryed to buy some T5 or else, i feel like a outsider.

I just take my stuff and quit :D

Welcome to Terraforums ! :)
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Thanks! Are there any CP supply shops anywhere near MI? Maybe a two or three hour drive from Detroit?

I'm getting jealous of the west coast guys!
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Don't know of any supply shops particularly for CP enthusiasts. Depending upon just what materials you use in your media, you might consider hitting an orchid show. There is one vendor I know of at such shows who does sell various component materials for making one's own personalized media. For some component supplies, I believe folks will hit places like Lowes. For something like live sphag, you can hit the reptile show in Taylor or try getting ahold of Travis (aka "Mass"). He's a cp'er in Lansing and I know he occasionally has sphag for sale.
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"occasionally".. means whenever we're not buried in snow. :bigthumpup: