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how often do you water cephs?

i was watering cephs, very young small one, every other days. i'll let it sit on a tray for couple of hours and remove them. then i didn't water it for 3 days now. i didn't want the root to have any problem. the lids are not fully open, but otherwise the pitcher looks fine.

i know some folks leave their cephs sit on a tray all the time, when the try goes dry, they will leave it for a day or two and fill it again.

how often and how much water to ceph is good? i keep hearing that too much water is not good, but by letting it not sit on the water does that help? i'm not sure how well the soil that i have in the container will retain water or how fast it will drain. it's 1:1:1 peat, sand, and sphagnum moss. i would think peat and s.moss will hold water for awhile. when i lift the container, it's rather heavy, but then again, it has sand in it.

I have a baby ceph, in a terrarium at 80%. I water every sunday, like i do for my nepenthes. I add 1oz only. Sometimes i skip a week.

My ceph is on a little peat hill, this prevent the crown from rotting.




Old pictures, the plant is much bigger now!

it seems cephs love moisture. i mist them almost every other day. then i'll wick the standing water on the leaves so they don't sit around. once the leaves are dry, i'll put the top back on. the top of the soil has some live sphagnum moss around, but not touching the plant to possibly control molds.

i'm seriously thinking about using larger tall container so the pot can sit on a tray and rot won't touch the water. i heard the root won't grow more than few inches.
The amount of watering really depends on a lot of factors; media, temperature, air movement etc. Keep an airy and well drained mix moist to wet and your Ceph will be happy assuming all other needs are met. They really aren't as hard as their reputation portrays. I always use the weight of the pot to determine if it needs watering. Feel its weight the day after you water, then again a few days later and you will notice a difference. Eventually you will easily recognize when it needs water, and when to hold off.
I have the pots on trays half an inch tall and I fill it with water and replenish when fully dry. I don't top water them and they are growing pretty well on my room windowsill. They've been pretty easy for me to grow.
for those who are keeping the containers on the tray, how tall are your containers?
I sit mine in a tray/saucer of water, allowing the tray to empty before replenishing with water. I tend to keep the level lower and the tray empty for longer in the winter months. To be honest, i don't think Cephalotus are that fussy but typically don't like being dry for too long. Their natural habitat tends to be wet, with them sometimes being right at the edge of water, such as in the image here: http://bit.ly/VquHtR, or perhaps a little drier, like here: http://bit.ly/XoK3QB