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How do you add a growlist link?

How do you add a link to your growlist in your signature?I have tried but all I can get is the whole web link.All I want is to say is Growlist.
Copy the URL for your growlist, then where you type your signature there is a little blue globe between the smiley face and envelope. Click this then paste your URL into the box that comes up, then click ok.

At the very end is where you type "Growlist", or whatever you want it to appear as.

This is an example, remove the * of course.

I'll give it a try,thanks drew!
No problem, looks good.
More like it looked good.I lost about 90% of them.I need to post some pictures of my surviving sarrs and see if they can be Id'ed.
Thanks for this thread guys!
I don't think I did this right
pretty sure you writ ethe text you want it to say then highlight the text and hit unsert hyperlink. then from there you paste the url in the window and apply it. should make the text hyperlinkified :awesome: