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I have some various houseplants, and sorry I am new to growing plants, so i don't even know their common names - any help is greatly appreciated!
Some of them have issues that I was hoping I could solve with your help :)

Here is common house plant, I think it's commonly called "Peace Lily"?

The first peace lily we tried, we killed some how, so this is take two. It flowered when we bought it, then stopped for a few months and is now starting again.
Concerns: necrotic leaf tips. what does this mean?

Also sometimes small leaves near the base will get chlorosis will turn yellow and will die. what does this mean?
Anyone know the scientific name for this plant?

Here is another one. I know nothing about this one, no name. if anyone can ID it that would be cool.

Growing tall. I changed soil on all my house plants last year. none died after so that's good.
Concerns: same necrotic leaf tips. sometimes large leaves will dry out or show chlorosis before they dry out. what is going on?

Another issue i have with some of these bigger plants (I will post more when i have time) is that their soil will not dry out. the middle-bottom stays moist or dark. top layer sometimes dries out but i'm afraid of watering since below its all dark and looks like it holds moisture. been like that for months. pots have drainage pans, i checked if water drains well, and it does. most pots have 100% organic soil, no additional perlite or peat or sphagnum. i only use loose mixes for my recent bromeliad additions.
any words of wisdom and IDs?
The second one is I believe Dracnea fragrans which is often called a "Corn Plant".

"Peace Lilly" is a Spathiphyllum, there are different varieties of "peace lillies", some are dwarf some are huge but they aren't lillies at all (not of the plant genus Lillium).

The burnt tips indicates too dry of conditions compared to what they are used to or sodium / high nutrients in the water soil. The yellowing & dying old leaves is most likely an indication of both staying too wet too long (as you already noticed) and probably not enough light (I'm guessing). I would try to give them more light, higher humidity, looser/free draining soil mix and see where that gets you.
First one, common name "peace lily"
latin name Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum. (or other closely related Spathiphyllum)
brown leaf tips are just due to low humidity..a common issue with tropical houseplants, nothing to worry about.
Our homes arent a perfect match to their native climate, they are often drier, especially in the winter,
but the plants will do fine..No need to do anything about it IMO..

Second one, common names: "corn plant" and "cornstalk dracaena"
latin name Dracaena Fragrans (or other closely related Dracana)

i have been thinking about a looser soil mix...but re-potting again might be too much for them right now.
thanks guys! I'll be posting more plants and hopefully i'll get them all ID'd right so that i know what i have :D
If the soil is remaining too moist, then you are better off fixing the soil & repotting now rather then waiting for them to recover first. If soil conditions are off, there won't be any recovery. You didn't get that soil crap with the "moisture crystals" did you?
no idea what soil it was. i think miracle gro organic mix, w/e it in that.
More plants i don't know about!

Here is one. looks kind of like dumb cane - i would know, I was dumb when I was little. You can figure out what happened (Child vs. Dumb Cane) :p

Another common houseplant that we have in the house 100% of the time. does well in shade:

And the last one for today, some variegated thing. another corn plant(not literally)?

This one got burned when i put it in sunlight in early summer. i then moved it into shade when i noticed. still has some of these brown drying patches you see in the photo - what is this a sign of? This one is standing among all the other plants i brought in for the winter. they are normally outside.

More plants to come!
Nice plants, and on your first picture, i love your bubble fishs and the sea star, pretty cool :)
thanks, any idea on the IDs of these plants? the latest 3 i posted?
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I was going to post 3 more plants, but no one has identified the previous 3 so I will hold off for now...
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1) Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane, like you said
2) Caladium cultivar, commonly called Angel Wings or Elephant Ears. The vine growing behind it is a Pothos.
3) Looks like another Dracaena, only variegated (meaning it has striped leaves). The plant growing below it as a groundcover in the pot is wandering jew, in the genus Tradescantia.
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Sweet, thanks for the IDs! I think I'll need to get some sort of thing to write down all these names and stick it in the pots of the plants.
I do not think the second plant there is elephant ears. Mine is growing as a vine, similar to the Pothos you mentioned. I do not think elephant ears grow as vines. my elephant ears just pop out of the ground from a bulb structure and grow from spot.

Any other ideas on plant #2 in that post?
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the second isn't a caladium it's Syngonium podophyllum or arrowhead vine. the variegated corn plant is Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana'
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Ok, 3 more!

This one was already ID'd by someone above as Tradescantia zebrina

What is up with some of the leaves? what deficiency? or too much water?

This one I do not know at all:

And this one too:

Thanks for the help guys!
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tradescantia wandering jew
calathea peacock plant
sanseveria snake plant-mother in laws tongue

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i sat up in bed from a dead sleep about 4 am, i don't know if i dreamt it or whatever, but that's not a calathea. it's stromanthe thalia 'multicolor'. not sure why i told you calathea, they're waaaay different. the brown spots are probably from water sitting on the leaves and acting like a magnifying glass for sunlight.
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Thanks a bunch!
here are the last two:
First is my Hibiscus. It's a tropical variety. idk what though. Yes there is an aechmea bromeliad in the branches.

Then there is this Date Palm that i have been trying to grow for a while now. any idea on why the older leaf dried out? It is only 1 year and a few months old. Also is the other plant in the pot a whisk fern? Psilotum nudum specifically? The palm is planted in mostly sand for good drainage, and a little bit of organic soil mixed in. I fear it is not enough, so should it be given a different substrate mix?
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anyone have IDs for these last two photos?
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you probably won't ever get a name for the hibiscus. it might be seed grown or grown from a cutting of any number of reds that look similar. the palm kinda looks like cold damage to me, just trim it off. also it should probably go into new media. sand has little to no nutrients in it.