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"Hola" from Texas

Hello all, figured it was about time for me to get involved with some other CP lovers!
I've got a few cephs, an n. alata, n. sibuyanensis x burkei, two sarracenias, and some Home Depot fly trap rescues. I'll hopefully acquire a heliamphora in the coming months, when it's a little nicer out and I have more time.

Aside from CPs, I've got several succulents around the house, and plan to add some haworthias to the mix.

I photographed most of my CPs here (got a fussy cephalotus that seems to be getting over itself):


Glad to be here!
Welcome to TF! What part of TX are you at?
I'm not too far from Keller, I do have a tiny and I mean tiny juv pitcher that fell off a H. pulchella when I was repotting it a month or so ago. If you have the proper conditions its yours if you want it. Its been in that pot for about a month now. Would have to meet up somewhere since its too small to try and mail. If your interested send me a PM and we can figure something out, I'm out in the Keller area on weekends about once a month for random stuff.

DSC_0145 by randallsimpson, on Flickr

Nice to see another DFW area person around, there are only a handful I've found.
Welcome to Terraforums Mason!

Do you know how lucky you are?

There's so many websites I try to make my name "Username" on and I usually have to go with Username12 or something. One time I even had to use Username46 because Username1 through Username45 were taken.

Be grateful for what life has allowed you to have.
I am exceptionally lucky, this is the first time I've ever managed to get "Username," haha
Welcome to TF!
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Just recently joined this forum as well in hopes of learning and growing.

And congrats on getting "Username" Mason ;)
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Hello and welcome in :)
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Welcome to Tf! Good growing. :)
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