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Hey folks,

I'm from Trinidad, of the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago located in the West Indies (Caribbean)... nice warm country where we only have two main seasons: Dry season and Rainy season.

I recently joined Terraforums mostly because growing carnivorous plants is pretty new to me and I LOVE carnivorous plants! I hope to learn as much as I can to grow these carnivorous plants in my tropical climate. I know some of them like the VFTs and Sarracenias may need a cold stratification once a year but I'll see how it goes :p(I guess a fridge will come in handy for something other than food:-))). I've always been fascinated and have always wanted to try my hand at growing these amazing plants.

I've been growing them since Oct 2012 and since then I've managed to grow 16 different Droseras (18 if you count the different color forms for D. capensis :grin:), 3 Nepenthes , Sarracenia leucophylla, and a bunch of different Venus Fly Traps all from seeds. I also have 4 Nepenthes plants that I bought from a vendor.

Hope you guys and gals can help out a Trini-in-need of advice every now and again :awesome:
Welcome to Terraforums, Stasisgate! Hope to see pictures of your plants.
I'm not seeing any photo albums to put up pics? Where can I do that?
Land of the Guppy! Welcome to TF!
I found that Album link.. thanx Not a Number. Just uploaded a few images of some of my Droseras. Will try to get some pictures of the rest tomorrow and put them up as well.
Hello and welcome my friend! My fridg is full of dormant plants so.... LOL
Haha... maybe I should get a fridge just for my CPs