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Well I finally did it. I've joined Terraforums. I was encouraged by a fellow CP grower, and have been reluctant. I normally hang out on OCPS which is a small friendly community of folks, who share many of my growing conditions. So, joining Terraforums feels a bit like a first trip to a big city. I've only avoided it here because there are so many folks and so much going on, it all seems a bit overwhelming.

I've been growing CP for a number of years. Though I am currently in Minnesota (where we regularly get to 35C in the summer and -35C in the winter), I've lived in a number of states. I still get out to the Bay Area once or twice a year, where I try to hit up BACPS meetings when I can, and I'm on the east coast about every year or so. As I have moved around, I've adapted my CP cultivation to my conditions. I wish I'd know about this forum when I lived in Tucson. It would have made my attempts with CP in the desert go a little more smoothly I suspect.

I grow a bit of it all, but my main interests are in CP with storage organs. I've been cultivating winter-growing Drosera for many years (tuberous and South African), and I'm having decent success with them from divisions. I'm hoping to start expanding the diversity I grow mostly by seed in the future. A few years back I started growing epiphytic Utrics in earnest. I'm doing okay with them, but plant to chat with folks around here about how I might improve. Lastly, I'm concocting plans to try my hand at cultivating Mexi-Pings that can produce interesting dormancy or storage organs, i.e. P. heterophylla, P. medusina, P. orchidioides, etc. For that, I definitely hope to tap into some of the deep knowledge people on this forum have.

I guess that's about it for now. I look forward to my interactions here. Thanks for reading!
Welcome aboard ! Your favorite plants are also among my own favorites. I currently grow 36 species/forms of tuberous Drosera, 55 species/forms of Mexican Pinguicula and several ZA winter growing Drosera such as D.alba, cistiflora, pauciflora etc....
Welcome to TF!
Thanks all!

Hi Cthulhu - Your grow list makes it look like your favorite plants are, well, all of them. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from a "Great Old One". ;) I'm sure you get this all the time, but I am impressed by your record keeping in your growlist. Mine is very out of date. I have some questions I'd like to PM you if that's okay. I look forward to learning about your cultivation techniques, e.g. I have some D. alba seed from the Giftberg, and would like to know if your germinated your plants, and if so I'd like to ask you your techniques for success.
quite amazing.
Good to see you here finally!
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Thanks for the continued warm welcomes!

Hi Yuusui - A fellow Utricularia sect. Orchidioides grower has been trying to get me to join here. It finally worked. I know you told me I needed to as well. So, you totally get part of the credit (or blame if I do something stupid :p). See you at the meeting in January.

Hi Whimgrinder - I like your signature! A few years ago I was actively studying phloem transport. Forget xylem, phloem is where the action is!