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Hi from Australia

I've been growing carns for just over 5years, but have only recently started to build my collection.
I'm 19 and am at uni, I originated form the Kimberly WA but have been in North QLD for the last few years.
I grow an array of plants, but like nepenthes and utricularia best, I'm hoping to grow my collection via seed trade on this site (and others), obviously being in Au im limited to only trading seed.
Welcome to TF. i envy you...your continent has one of my most coveted drosera species. the utricularia there arent to shabby either. and the cephalotus....shall i go on?
Hello, welcome to tfs.
Thanks, I actually live just a couple hours from Australia's most southern nepenthes colony to, a large miabilis colony, well its actually colonies, my area (within 1 hour drive) also has 9 utrics , 7 drosera, 1 byblis and several stylidium that I have found, as well as unconfirmed finds of a few more (that i'm yet to find), then if I go 2-3 hours west, north or south I can easilly add another 3 utrics and 3 drosera.
Welcome to TF!
hello and welcome :)