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Hey everyone!

I'm Maaz. I live in India. I have many hobbies. I have 3 Planted Aquariums, lots of betta fish for breeding, fishes as my pet, cactus, lots of plants i have sandal plants and planing to get some carnivorous plant. I like every carnivorous plants most of them in like Butterwort (Pinguicula), Nepenthes, Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia, Heliamphora, Darlingtonia, Cephalotus) and Pitcher plant also. I like them all, but the bad new is i didn't have any seeds with me here not a single plants available here. I talk to many peoples but nothing available here.

Hope i got some good info here and some new friends who share there knowledge withe me.

welcome, maaz!
Hey thanks guys for warm welcome..

yes but these are they very beautiful plants...
i already have utricularia graminifolia i am look for more CP if anyone giveing away there seeds then pls update..
Welcome to TerraForums. I don't think we have many members from India, but everyone is welcome.
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Welcome to TF! We have several people from India, where I work.
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys..

yes i know abt this but this Nepenthes khasiana is endanger species..so i cant keep those its better that its keep in nature and grow it self..
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oh, i wasnt suggesting that you go and collect it! i realize that it is endangered, and should be left in nature, i just thought you might want to know about a nepenthes native to your country. i have visited a place called Green Swamp Nature Preserve, to see sarracenia in their native habitat. i think it is nice to view these species growing in their native home, (as long as you leave no impact on the environment) and thought youmight want to know about a species that is native to your area.
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Welcome to TF!!
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Welcome to TerraForums :-D
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maaz- what are your local climate conditions? high and low temp, humidity, seasonal changes?
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yes India have some native CP's Sundews nepenthes are here...

thanks for welcome guys..

Minimum Temp in winter 15 degree Celsius Maximum temp in Summer 40 degree Celsius now days rainy season is going on some time rains some time hot and some humid temp around here...
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Welcome to the forum!
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Thanks guys