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Help, My New Boss Saw My TF Calender and Now......


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Help, my new boss saw My TF calender and he wanted to have a vft for his office. I explained their requirements and the dormancy and he was crushed. His next request then was a cp that he could grow under a light in his office. Before I try to convince him to get a small tank to grow something in I am looking for sugestions. He would need a cp that can grow in the typical office humidity without dormancy. Although I do grow more than a few of the neps featured in "Neps Around the House" none of them have been acclimated to low humidity in my care. I honstly do not think he would appreciate the not so obvious traps of a utricu or the deceptive smooth leaves of a ping. At least not as his first plant. I do have a N.red leopard with several basals. I may root one and grow it out in low humidity as a future gift to him. Maybe I'll do two, got plenty of basals, and put one in my office as well.

Thanks in advance guys,
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What about something like a pot of Drosera burmanii kept in a deep saucer of water underneath the light? They're pretty, the traps react relatively quick, are compact and dewy. Drosera capensis is also a good one because of the way it curls around its prey.
Drosera capensis would be a good choice. Mine do well in low humidity and under grow lights. I tend to recommend them to new growers because they are an "interactive" CP. Also, because they are inexpensive, it wouldn't be a huge loss if he killed it. Hope this helps!
I too would suggest dews or perhaps a ping. (While the traps of the latter are not obvious as such, the fact that some bloom nonstop might outweigh that.)
I agree, D. capensis is among the first to come to mind. You almost have to try to kill them. :p

The next best would probably be other SA Drosera or D. spatulata/x tokaiensis, followed by easy LL/Intermediate Nepenthes hybrids.
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D. capensis and D. binata are both 'bonbproof' and attractive. I've started several co-workers off with them.
I'm thinking of taking the advice here and starting him with D. capensis. Later i will gift him with one of N. red leopards I referred to in the opening post.
Great idea. Just googled N. red leopard- they're gorgeous! Lucky boss. Are you guys hiring? haha jk.
I would second D. capensis and D. binata. Binata is especially indestructible, and looks more unusual than the typical capensis.
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I would second D. capensis and D. binata. Binata is especially indestructible, and looks more unusual than the typical capensis.

I can actually give him one of each. Have some extras.
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I was going to suggest a Drosera as well. A pot of something hardy like capensis or intermedia would do well under a light in an office, I think.
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I agree, go with The Cape Sundew! I would also suggest telling your boss to feed them moistened fish pellets (betta sized) as they feed better on moistened food in a dry-ish environment. Also with Cape Sundews, if he likes the plant you give him, you can later set him up with the many forms (albino, red, wide, etc.)

Good Luck!
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i think a pinguicula would be perfect they take any water and does not require lots of light